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Matakari | 15:53 Thu 14th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Good evening, I’m stuck on the following and would appreciate some Answers/Hints, thanks!

1 One rep loses a Hebridean (8) : IS?E?AS?
21 A child getting into musical instrument nearly caught by dance (8) : H?Z???T?
28 Some doubt about uncompetitive marketplace for pharmaceutical firm (7):
36 It’s great when newspaper replaces advert with expertise (6) : DE????

15 Vitamin C ingested by ultimately bedridden Scotsman (6) : N?????
19 Members sitting here on this costs nothing (8, two words) : ?????R??
31 Old chestnut that’s extremely valuable in autumn (6) : ?A????


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Matakari, which do you really want - the answers or the hints? It'd be good to know!

21 You have mistakes in 1, 21 , 28 A and 19 Down.

15 Niacin
The house
still pondering on 36a myself
Shaneystar2, 36 is a lovely neat clue. There's the usual two letter newspaper replacing the letters for 'advert' in a slightly unusual (to me) word for Great. The definition is 'with expertise'.

Matakari, hope you make good progress now.
Thanks NAC ..Your explanation was a "great" help.
I had the word but couldn't parse it.
Hope you're well. Good luck.
Thanks, shaneystar2. The 'great' word caught me out to start with, but I remembered to check Chambers.

Thanks for the good wishes.
There's no time to lose .I must get a wiggle on ....and peel some spuds!
Couple of hints there for you Matakari.
See you later folks.
Beat it!
Well, Matakari has never been slow in some respects....
Question Author
Many thanks, Shaneystar2, and well spoken, NACW, I got all of the unclueds, I literally jumped to it. I'm still on the last two clues, 36(a) and 30(d). Your hint for 36(a) is great, and I should get 30(d) on my own now.
Matakari, thanks. Glad you're going to to finish this one off yourself! You might be in safer territory next week, it'll probably be Doc and you fare a bit better with his puzzles.
Finished, but for the life of me can’t get 3d EPx?E? & 11a SICx? where x is the common unknown. 11a Mediterranean islander getting mercy from another. 3d Exalted record again to shock french. Hints appreciated.
Matakari, 36, was answered on your original post.
There were clues to 3D on one of yesterday's threads.

The 'Mercy' in 11 Across is an interjection, like gee, golly etc. There's an eight letter Med islander losing three letters for that, ie mercy - leaving you with another Med islander.
Question Author
Good evening, I’ve been reading over my puzzle and am having
some difficulty parsing 31(D). Thanks in advance for enlightening
31(d) Old chestnut that’s extremely valuable in autumn (6):
Fall, autumn
VE, letters from each end of Valuable.
Favell, light-brown, chestnut.
Sorry, Extremely indicates the extreme, first and last, letters.
Question Author
Many thanks, NACW, for the comprehensive parsing, I could not find a suitable definition for "favell" in Google.
Thanks, Matakari. After all these years of doing crosswords,you probably know that Chambers is the first port of call (and there are online versions if you haven't got a copy).

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