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Kenstuck | 10:58 Thu 14th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
2 Answers
1, A release getting down after heroin (5,8)
2.Qualm making us wait, say for apothecary(7)
3.While inside breaking these vows. (7)
4. Decorator doing the twist at the Palais. (9)


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1 Horse Feathers (release; film) - 'horse (heroin) feathers (down)'
2 Scruple - "weight", said, used by an apothecary

3 (if clue is "...old vows") -Heastes (hests; behests) - 'as' (while, in) anag 'these'

4 Trocadero - anag 'decorator'
2 scruple

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