Guardian Genius 220

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LeenaH | 08:17 Sat 09th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Ace learnt about nuclear projector (5,7)
Hints please


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old device for showing films . . .
Question Author
Answer I think is magic lantern .
Don't know if it's correct.
Don't know the parsing
magic = ace
lantern = anagram learnt n(uclear)
LeenaH, Emmie suggested Magic Lantern on your earlier thread. Perhaps you missed that?
Also if you still require help with the theme, then please let us know.
Question Author
I have got quite a few long answers.
But do not understand the theme. Please help
Also help with 1a and 9a would be highly appreciated
1a it gets to turn during show's opening (4,6)
9a was cryptic clue ignored? (10)
Was is reversal of saw. So I thought this is overlooked. But not sure
Thanks a ton
There are only two elements in the code - if you swap them you get different letters.
1a sash Window
9a Overlooked
1a 'It' = S(ex) A(ppeal) SA + WIND = 'turn' [inside] SHOW and its an &lit clue (the whole thing defines a kind of opening).
Theme - Morse Code
If it is a dash replace with a dot

Therefore dash dash dash O becomes dot dot dot S and vice-versa
It is an absolute pain comparing the letters so I will tell you
A & N,
E & T
G & U
I & M
K & R
L & Y
O & S
Good Luck
Oh, another thing, when you recode the thematic answers, they all form legitimate words
Just so that you can really understand what I am saying with the theme, I know from your other question that you have the answer for 22d (Imam). This would be input as
I = M
M = I
A = N
M = I

Therefore, the input is "Mini"
Question Author
Thanks a lot. Especially to jj. Made everything crystal clear.

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Guardian Genius 220

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