The Times 27288 (March 2019)

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TioMateo | 15:04 Tue 05th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Found an old uncompleted crossword. Two answers I just don't get the parsing of.
1) Miscievous child cuts leg off its first unit (6) The answer is PASCAL. I get it is an SI unit and a rascal is a mischievous child, but....???
2) Mass of eggs, but not the first year in bird sanctuary (6) The answer is AVIARY. which is an enclosure for birds obviously (but hardly a bird sanctuary), and I can't make any sense of the rest. TIA.


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Pascal - 'Rascal' - cut the "leg" off the 'R' to get 'P'

1 Cut the protruding 'leg' off R from Rascal
Mass of eggs - caviar
Not the first -remove c
year - y
WordyGurdy, explained very clearly, well done.

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The Times 27288 (March 2019)

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