Listener 4679 Basic Fact By Opsimath

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emcee | 17:21 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Oh dear ... well that didn't take very long.

Where's The Listener puzzle this week?


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I did wonder when the sting was going to come.
Hmm. Easy grid fill, but I'm still not seeing the definition for 34d or the "basic fact". More grid staring awaits.
I’m always chuffed to finish the Listener without hours of struggle, so I don’t complain when the puzzle is easy. But with no entry gimmicks and a benign endgame, I think the this one would have benefited from more challenging clues. Still, I enjoyed it even if it was over too quickly. Thanks Opsimath.
Where's the Listener indeed?

Surely even the easiest Listener should be harder than this. I was entering answers as I read the clues in most cases. The average Times daily cryptic often presents more of a challenge. Years ago this would have been rejected as too easy.
The clues were rather too easy but the endgame was quite pleasing.

Newbies need a bit of encouragement after all.
Probably the easiest this year, with last week's not far behind it. Yes, maybe some of the clues could have been made a little more challenging, but it takes me back to when I only used to complete this crossword very rarely. To complete two in a row will be a real joy for many. Thanks Opsimath - it was gentle and fun to complete.
Hmmm - pleasant enough, but I've had more challenge from an occasional "5 Clue Cryptic" in The i.

After a couple of weeks away I suppose this means that I'll have to return to the monster that is Listener 4677 ...

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Listener 4679 Basic Fact By Opsimath

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