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poorclare | 16:27 Sun 26th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I need help with a few (first two)

12a Blessing (11) ?e?e?e?t?e?. have a feeling it ends with ing so that last E would be

08d Oppose (6) ?e???t

Thanking you


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8 object?
12 Celebrating?
Question Author
Thank you my friends
My first though was Benediction, but that last E was putting
me off
the 8d is now Resist.

Hope you have a pleasant evening/night

Good luck ~ keep safe

Which clue gave the last E, Clare?
Question Author
The E come from 5d Excitement (7) I have now changed
the answer to elation.
They call this crossword Quick, I'm very slow at doing this
one, Cryptic one no problem, shows how my brain works

Keep safe
I find the cryptic easier too Clare, I hate one word clues but you are correct with the new answers
Question Author
Thank you ducksie, pleased I'm not the only one.

On one occasion I sent in just the Cryptic one, thought
I was wasting my time and stamp but I won, ~ was
some time ago, but was delighted.

Hope you have a pleasant evening.

I often thought of doing that, well done, it is a good idea as you have to send the pair in and they cut them up, well done, you have a lovely evening - despite the rain :(
Ducks x

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Sunday World (Quick Crossword)

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