Spectator 2525 Prime Times

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johnpiper | 16:27 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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Depressingly struggling to finish this rather fiendish puzzle.

Could anyone please give me a hint re 5 down where i have for the 7 letter word

17 down: Tracked vehicles about to be clamped by pigs (7 hyphenated)

22 across Baby's back bound for Glasgow (4)

2 down is this OSCILLOGRAM?

20 down Old Court reached a good deal (7)C?ME?O?

Many thanks


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17 Sno-Cats
22 Stot, bound (Scottish word)Tots, reversed.

20 Camelot, old court, Came+Lot.
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Brilliant thank you!
Thanks, johnpiper. There are earlier threads discussing the thematic bits, my conclusions could be wrong.
I understand how you feel, johnpiper! 2 Down is correct. I am grateful to ProfessorMaisie for some great hints, but I still do not see the naval reference for service in 29(d) Won back English girl, arising in service (7) : ???A???

Hints for these would be appreciated also. Thanks in advance!

38(a) Cast to one side, here? (9, two wds) : S???E?EU?
9(d) Grating unstarted Cantal over crackers (6) : ATO?A?
30 (d) Rating exam to get away from trap (6) : ?B???? ( ABROAD )
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Royal Navy around Kate reversed
Matakari, the navy is simply RN, Royal Navy. I expect you'll be able to finish that ine off now.
38 - it's an acting term, a common two word instruction, direction.
9 A word meaning grating, not tuneful. Unstarted Cantal means lose the first letter and Over is the usual. You have most of the word.
There's some debate about how the endgame is suppose to work but there's no problem with the entry for 5d. Its definition would be - an important event or distance marker (the last three letters are entered as a number - very like the one you're showing).
You need the E for Enlish bit also
Yes, it's RN around 'kate' [rev ETAK] + E.

And yes to OSCILLOGRAM, which is just a straightforward definition clue with a slight twist.
Having seen your earlier post on the other thread, johnpiper - the debate about 1 or D on the other site was left with advocates on either side (and me too confused to care).
I've read everything on this crossword and I am still no wiser what to put in the unclued lights !
5d. ?ile?t?
27d. ?a?ide
23a. ?oom???
13d. rad?o?

Help please.
5 d - last ? = a number
27d - first ? is a number
23a - last 3 ??? is a number - Think George Orwell
13d - This is where the debate is about the last ?

A sum gives the number of the puzzle, teacher1 - so that's why you need numbers in those entries.
27 is football related.
For 13d I originally had something to do with the BBC -''????? (number)'' but most people prefer a different station and opt for a Roman numeral which is a maths symbol.
I think I've got it now ...... thank you novalis and Professor Maisie.
Matakari, I hope AB has seen you over the finishing line now?
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Sorry. Still stumped on 5 down.
Is 13d radio 5 or radio x?
Question Author
And 27d unclear totally
27d. vaside ....... 5-a-side
5d MILEST1 (=milest'one')
RADIO X is most likely, to give ??? X ? SQUARED (= 2525)
[there's no need for Roman numerical values, so it's not V, teacher1].
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Thank you!! How peculiar. Howvate you supposed to get these unckued lights? What does milest 1 actually mean?

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