Speccie 2525

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Farrwest | 20:39 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I've been staring a this one without much progress. Can someone please give me a general hint as to how to proceed as well specifically the answer to 16a One very leggy girl weed picked up (9) MIL??????


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Thanks Professor. Any contribution to the first part of my question?
It's to do with maths - three of the unclued answers contain numbers (one of these crosses with the thematically treated entry of a straight clue). The puzzle number is significant.
Akkways thought it was millI pede
There is an alternative spelling, bobbinwales (but it is usually 'millipede').
Ta prof
I also thought it would sound like millie peed (weed)
Yes, that's how the wordplay works (but 'mille' sounds the same as 'milli').
It's definitely an 'E' in this instance bacuse it's a checked letter in the crossword.
...sorry, typo - 'because'.
There's a neater solution (on another thread) that uses the multiplication symbol from an alternative 'station'.
I am rather stuck on 5 down which is unclued 7 letters and i have
any hints please

Did we resolve whether the last square of 28 across is D or 1?

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Speccie 2525

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