Iq 1717

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hankir | 14:08 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I have no idea what the preamble is asking but I have about 3/4th clues solved.
Help with:

12 Lack of balance tired Government out (7)

7. Fighting force in marriage, leaving the right pair shaken (6)

9. Died in pain after cuts weighted towards the left, maybe (8)

23 Exclusions of pathogens from venomous snake once found in northern sea (7)



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12 Vertigo
7 Airarm
9 Lopsided (Lops, cuts + anagram (in pain) of Died.
23. Asepses, exclusions of pathogens.
Question Author
Thanks NAC.

I now have completed grid without parsing some.
I cannot identify any of the seven clues or identify the remainder.

Just like Listener, will wait for the solution in two weeks. Off to EV.
hankir're nearly there ... the groups of 3 letters form a pattern down the grid if you have some of them you should be able to get the rest...the remark is in Latin.....if you have "something" missing from 7 clues's the latin for each of those
Question Author
Thanks ros.
Latin is Greek to me. LOL.
Knowing the letter count for word order might help, hankir -
''5, 4, 7''(and then the author, 5).

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Iq 1717

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