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TioMateo | 12:21 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I was fortunate to be one of the five winners drawn out of the hat for this competition. First time ever (in 54 years!) for The Times Saturday competition. Winning didn't, sadly, leave me with no queries on the Crossword itself. I'm happy with the 3 answers, but have problems with the parsing of the clues. Help appreciated, please.
1) Go nicely and dance without me, my mischievous child (6,7) E?C?S? O?E?E?F = EXCUSE ONESELF, but is ONE'S really a synonym for "my"? 2)Foreign Office abandoning overseas rule (5) R?I?N = REIGN ("rule"), but I don't get the rest. 3) Reptile growing large in area with nothing around opposing? (8) ?N?C?N?A = ANACONDA. I get A (area) with NADA around CON = NA(CON)DA, but what relevance does "growing large" have to the answer?


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Sadly,I can't help you with any of your answers, but congratulations on your win.
It's lovely when people come on with news of a win, it spurs us all on.
Congratulations once again.
2 (fo)reign
1 That's how I saw it - Excuse oneself - 'excuse (me)' (dance, no 'me') + 'one's (my) elf'
2 (FO)Reign - no 'F(oreign) O(ffice)'
3 Anaconda is a reptile that grows large
Sorry, phone call - I meant to add a "Well done!" :-)
Question Author
Thanks for your praise Sparkles 2.
Toorak/Lie-in King :- I'm sorry if I'm being dim, but you haven't actually answered my specific questions or convinced me. I know that "my" has to be represented in the answer as ONE's. What I'm querying /challenging is whether that is valid wordplay. If the clue had ended with "my regal mischievous child" (or something similar but less clumsy), I could perhaps except accept it but, without that, "one's" on its own surely means "anybody's" or "somebody's". It doesn't mean "my" any more than it means "your", "his" or "her".

I simply don't understand the parsing of the clue for REIGN at all :- "abandoning overseas"? Could you please excuse my dimness and explain this better.

I realise that an anaconda is a large snake/reptile, but I think "Reptile growing large" is a very poor definition for ANACONDA, just as I would find "Mammal growing large" a very poor and unacceptable definition for ELEPHANT. What's wrong with "Large Reptile" or "Large Mammal"?
"one" is "me" in formal use (Chambers), so "one's" is valid (for me at least) for "my"

F(oreign) O(ffice) is abandoning 'foreign' (overseas) to leave "reign" (rule)

I can't help with the setter's choice of definition for anaconda.
Question Author
L-i K Thank you. I had missed the formal I,Me in Chambers. Maxima Culpa. Dim about reign. Understood re Anaconda.

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