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barnaclebill58 | 09:15 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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Please explain these to me.
1. Scowling, crush insect . Ans Beetle . No idea how cryptic works.
2. Master arrested seaman -top removed for application of lashes. Ans mascara. Tried all the usual ab, tar, jack etc but can’t get the seaman or the master.
3.Rising , about to occupy a post with soldier. Ans ascendant. Ant is the soldier but but can’t get ascend.
4. Slowly drink litre out of galley. Ans sip . Can’t see how galley =slip.
5.Shortly pick up speed after Bill does this. Ans accelerate. Ac is the bill but celerate doesn’t seem to be a word.
6. To back of compartment, thrust a new jacket . Ans cardigan. I think compartment is car as in dining car, a and n are obvious but I can’t see how dig and thrust are the same.


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2. A seaman with top removed is (l)ascar in ma
Elec(t) shortly pick up cele. Rate = speed
3 Ascendant (rising) = C(irca/about) (to occupy a post) "a send" = ascend + ant (soldier)
4 A galley is a synonym for slip
see this definition from Collins

a printer's proof in the form of long single-column strips, not in sheets or pages.
page proof · galley proof · pull · slip · trial print · revise
Sorry that wasn't Collins! but another unnamed dictionary when I googled it!
6 a "dig" can be a hard push or thrust

A dig in the ribs etc
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Thanks -that just leaves the beetle.
Scowling is beetle-browed, but why "crush"?
Well to beetle means to crush, but in no way does "Beetle" mean "scowling". To "beetle" means to overhang or project as in "beetle-browed", so that is a monstrous liberty IMO

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