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johnpiper | 17:21 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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well this one is well beyond my pay grade and its infuriating me
I have the honest servant and the source of the quotation

struggling with 5 down evern though some other strings have alluded to it

5D Slugs at heart like climbing tree (5)
so presumably it either starts or finishes with a U. I have ?i?a?
12A Noe chap going round institute (5, douby hyphenated) ?LAM?
22A last letter from Eddie (6) I?Z???
13A Plant extract if delicacy friend nibbled (7) ?ATEC?U
if its catechu then why?
47A Entomb 160 gone succesively (5) ????N

Any help greatefully received


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47 Inurn, entomb - from In Turn (T can mean 160 apparently)
12 E-la-mi (I Male reversed)
22 Izzard old word for zed
22. Izzard
13 Cate(s) choice dainty food
Chu(m) friend nibbled (shortened)
13 Cate, delicacy+Chu(M), friend nibbled (not the whole word, the end bitten off).

PS The clue has 'in' not 'if'
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Thanks everyone. I now have onky 4 clued light left and i will go away and ponder them. i also have the quote now!
Wow this is abstruse!
Thanks, John. I really enjoyed this one, tough though it was! Some recent puzzles have been a bit disappointing.

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