Speccie : 2524

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Matakari | 14:13 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I am doing some detective work for the quotation and the sernat’s name and would appreciate confirmation for the letters which I now have clockwise round the grid from20. Many thanks in advance!

?/ d?/ ?IS?/ T??U/ W???/ A/?H??/ I/ ??GHT/ ?O??/ TH?E/ ??ME??IL?

An honest servant’s name: FL????IUO


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Matakari, do you need a new thread? Your L in the last word is wrong, your O in the servant's name is wrong
A big clue to help you on your way - Look at the fourth column starting at the top.
Question Author
Thanks, novalis, but I don't see anything yet in column 4 to help me.
Perhaps, answers to 29(a), 16(a) and 5(d) might shed some light?
29(a) Eloquent Lovelace pickled no eel (5): ?O???
16(a) Background with cloudy island RSC repaired (5) : CIRR? ( CIRRI
5(d) Slugs at heart like climbing tree (5): ?I?A?
Matakari, 29 is a subtractive anagram - take a three letter word out of the eight letter word, to get something meaning 'eloquent'.
16 Is a slang. casual term - just an anagram or RSC and two other letters (provided by 'cloudy island').

I think 5 D was answered yesterday.
PS This might be a 'four batch' puzzle for you!

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Whew! I've avoided the four-batch approach, NACW! I've got all solved now. It was somewhat frustrating, but quite rewarding when the pin finally dropped on all the facets of the theme. Many thanks for your help!
Thanks, Matakari. There was a huge amount of help given this week, I think most of the grid could be filled in from AB answers!

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Speccie : 2524

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