Rte Guide No 38 - Rosebud

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poorclare | 07:43 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I am really stuck this week on a few, need your help, Please.

27a It's a million to one to get it and it's a million to one if you do (3,5) ??e ?o?t?
(could that be The lotto ? )

27d ...must write this down as drawn (4) ??e?

Thanking you


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27a looks right
Question Author
Thank you Emmie
That gives me the letters for 27d T?e?
tied is right
as in drawn,
Question Author
Thank you my friends, that's terrific.

Hope you both have a lovely day

Good luck ~ keep safe
you too, keep well
Question Author
Ah my friends I am back, just discovered I have missed
one out
14d Where the compass points differently would be annoyance
(5) m?o?n
that M is coming from 13a Didn't put an end to the old telegram?
Ah, here...don't start (4) amor ? ???r
14d thorn? if m wrong
14d.Thorn- anagram of North(ehere the compass points)
Question Author
Thank you Mallyh
That now gives me the letter ?t? for
13a Didn't it put an end to the telegram? Ah, here... don't
start (4) ?t?r
Looks like Stop to me. x
Yes,the word stop used to be used in a telegram instead of a full stop.
Question Author
Thank you Spicerack.
That would mean I would be wrong in
5d If its not available on you PC. from the rear comes the
room for this key, (9) ?a????c? ~ I have put Backtrack
Question Author
Of course. Thank you Toorak

and thank to everyone who helped me.

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Rte Guide No 38 - Rosebud

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