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barnaclebill58 | 12:06 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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Please explain these.
1.Looter found lots of beer, and more besides. Ans Pillager. I can see lager and while pil is there, the beer type is pils. Stuck on “lots and more besides.”
2. Tell story -change ending. Ans Retail. No idea.
3.Appropriate quality of verses in book of Bible. Ans Holiness. Obviously the Bible is do with holiness but can’t get it.
4. Time to move along baggage in desk. Ans Roll-top (as in desk) . I thought it might be t changing position within the letters of rolltop but that doesn’t seem to work.
5.Pin one’s faith on commercial credit. Ans Trust. I know there are investment trusts and other such entities but can’t get the commercial credit bit.
6. Element in pollutant giving new vehicle nasty smell at first. Ans Carbon. The clue seems to suggest that the answer should be BO at the front so it would read boncar. What is “at first” telling us to do and why does n go to the end instead of being in front of car?


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4 Trollop (baggage) - T (Time) moves along.
1/ Lots of beer, means most of it but not all. Therefore most of pils= pil + lager
3 verses = lines. In

Hos (hosea) = book of the bible

Commercial Credit looks very much like a Trust to me.
6 'n(ew)' (with) 'car + BO' (at first)
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Thanks all but
4. Trollop seems to be a loose woman rather than baggage .
5. The link says "Commercial credit is a pre-approved amount of money issued by a bank to a company."so I'm sorry but I don't get the Trust bit .
6. I still don't see where we are told to put n at the end.
4 Baggage

a cheeky or disagreeable girl or woman.
"she was a mercenary little baggage"
6 Read the clue as " Vehicle nasty smell at first" - of course, that's syntactically wrong, which is why setters use (or don't use) punctuation to mislead.
6 n from new
6 You start off with N(ew) and are then told to put CAR (vehicle) and BO (nasty smell), both 'at first'.
in British English
1. reliance on and confidence in the truth, worth, reliability, etc, of a person or thing; faith ▶ Related adjective: fiducial
2. a group of commercial enterprises combined to monopolize and control the market for any commodity: illegal in the US
3. the obligation of someone in a responsible position
a position of trust
4. custody, charge, or care
a child placed in my trust
5. a person or thing in which confidence or faith is placed
6. commercial credit

Question Author
Thanks all . I'm happy on a miserable rainy day .
Well Bill, that's brightened our day too :-)
Anybody managed to parse No.2?
I think the definition for 2 is an obscure meaning of 'retail' = 'tell story' (Chambers gives - ''to repeat in detail; to put about, hand on by report'') and the wordplay is a pun - to re-tail would 'change ending'.

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