Why So Manty Have No Way To Enter Or Win Anything Nowl.

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Anneyelland | 08:55 Mon 13th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I am a very keen addict to crosswords BUT only do ones these days when their are some sort of prizes. (POreferably cash !) Why did so many papers stop these with the advent of Covid I wonder. Surely no risk in putting in a hand to a big bag of entries and pulling out one. A few are still on the go - but the Scotsman sports one - no prize but the good old Telegraph has kept steadfastly going. Come on papers - think of some of us who really enjoy crosswords and are more or less housebound --please return to having some sort of prize and wemiss them.


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I suppose (it's only a guess) that, if a paper runs a prize crossword, it will receive lots of entries, any of which could carry the Covid virus. Better to be safe than sorry, yes?
Papers must of thought what's the point of getting thousands of paper entries just to pick out 5 winners then have to shred and dispose of all that paper. Email or onlinee is much easier to manage.
Am not sure why there also not giving prizes at all in some cases. The prize costs are
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Yes I understand the risks - BUT Many of us send in answers carefully scanned in via email - surely NO risk there. I used to win small prizes, pens, or vouchers etc regularly - nothing these days.
Daily Record (won a £100 a few weeks ago)
Daily Express ( xwords on a Monday one for £500 and
the usual £100 prize crossword every day (posted todays
an hour ago ~ fingers crossed )
Daily Mail, Mail On Sunday, Sunday Mail (Scottish)
Chat, Take A Break, That's Life, Love It, to name but a few.
Not in the same league as the Times but they keep the
brain active.
Good luck

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Why So Manty Have No Way To Enter Or Win Anything Nowl.

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