Guardian Genius 219

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LeenaH | 03:04 Sat 11th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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I can't get this special clue among many others.
Briefly understand about unknown(3)
We need to insert a special 'element' to get the answer.

Also the answer to
Clock Riddle (5) is given in this forum.
Can't parse it. Is the element 'iv'

Thanks in advance


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Clock = see + the thematic element (iv) = Seive (riddle)

Briefly understand = se(e),
about = reverse = es
add the thematic element "X" in the middle
= exs (unknowns plural)
NB the clock riddle one was the 4th thematic clue. The briefly understand one was the 10th thematic clue!

That should give you an enormous hint!
^^ SIEVE - I couldn't spell it above!
Any hints for ‘American president’s men associated with dry Watergate fiasco (6)’ or ‘Temper from European entering plant lacking first of ultracentrifuges (6)’? They’re the only two I have left and I’m stumped.

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Guardian Genius 219

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