Genius 219

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hankir | 17:49 Mon 06th Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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Normal Clues:

Appear pest affected those that were punched (5,5)
Where slugs come from (3,6)

A letter may be missing in wordplay :

Clock riddle (5)



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paper tapes, anag
Paper tapes - anag 'appear pest'

Do you have any letters placed?
Question Author
Thank you elliemay and L-i k.

Answers have to entered jigsaw-wise. Need a few more answers before I can have crossers.
2 air rifles?
Question Author
Thanks Toorak.
I was thinking of Gun something but Air rifles may work.
Gun barrel?
Question Author
Thanks bobbinwales. It seems to work.
SEIVE (thematic) 'clock' = see.
sorry (typo) SIEVE
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM.
Solved all clues.
Did not know that meaning of Sieve.
Nice construction.
To find twelve words with the theme and fit them in a grid must have been hard work.

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Genius 219

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