Listener 4675 Called To Order By Vismut

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HawkCrossword | 21:27 Fri 03rd Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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A much friendlier puzzle this week, very cleverly arranged and clued, and with a surprise ending (I was worried I was going to have to stray into an area well beyond my comfort zone).

Thanks Vismut - I enjoyed that very much!


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The grid fill was great fun, and the arrangement of the clues according to the theme is inspired. The link to a sub-theme with the single letter change is also a terrific idea. But there are a couple of aspects of the endgame which I think I have right but am not confident about. I may be missing something (wouldn't be the first time) but even if not, that slight uncertainty doesn't spoil the enjoyment of this excellent puzzle.

Brava (pretentious, moi?) Vismut!

Am I right in thinking one of the orderings is incorrectly named? I've checked a few online sources, but perhaps others have more specialist knowledge.
Otherwise a really fun puzzle - thanks Vismut. I was wondering when this theme might crop up.
I found the gridfill for this rather harder than others seemed to - perhaps I was too hesitant in just having a go at filling in a few obvious entries and hoping that it panned out. Some very tricky clues and extra letters (all fair once parsed) took quite a while to work through too.

The grid stare was then mercifully brief and the final order easy enough to spot.

Thanks Vismut - an intricate and well-crafted puzzle.
An excellent puzzle, as sunny-dave says, intricate and well-crafted. It was a really enjoyable grid fill with, for me at least, something to discover along the way. Perfect - thanks, Vismut.
I withdraw my doubts about my completion of the endgame. One of these days I'll learn to read preambles properly!
I share tnap’s concerns about the naming of one group. Given the precision of the rest of the puzzle, it’s hard to believe that there were any oversights. It seems the issue would be simple to fix with some modest reshuffling.

In any event, a lovely puzzle with a highly satisfying endgame.
Bit of Internet hunting but I found a reference that confirmed all seven thematic orders. Likewise thought the endgame might become more complicated than it did - I have distant memories of a Listener perhaps 30 years ago where that happened - and found that I just had to start putting entries in before I could figure out what was going on
I really enjoyed this. Thanks, Vismut. I was concerned that a puzzle full of six-letter clues would be a bit of a drag, but it wasn’t so - and the theme was really nicely implemented.
A lovely puzzle with an excellent bait and switch in the endgame.

Thanks, Vismut.
The key to solving this puzzle seems to be to realise how an ordering can have a name. Although there are a couple of groups of clues where I have 4 of the 6 letters I can't in either case derive anything promising. C'est la vie.
Well, I ploughed on and managed to more or less complete the grid and carry out the amended instruction. However I haven't identified the main theme (only managed to identify 1 of the 6 orders) so have had a stab at placing the extra letter where it seems to make sense. Not at all sure about several entries,one in particular, so it will be something of a miracle if everything is correct.

Can't say I much enjoyed this puzzle.

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Listener 4675 Called To Order By Vismut

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