Phoenix Push

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starmack | 23:54 Wed 01st Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated. Stuck solid final few clues in Phoenix.

7 letters. left high and dry, without water, with a pain, in bed.
Is it bravado…and why!

3 and 7. It’s true: the story has been written in ‘font icon’ re-formatting.
N?? And ?I???O?
Haven’t a clue what clue means!

7 letters. A certain number - not all - following number one, become maladorous indeed!
Does it end in Word Some?

9 letters. One’s involvement with Apartment #3, in other words, is absolutely sincere and serious.


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First one... Beached - Ache in Bed
00:42 Thu 02nd Sep 2021
3,7 non fiction (anag)
#2 non fiction
Certain etc

No(number) i (one) some (not all)
What's the clue/answer to '3'
Last one

Heartfelt, anag flat three
First one...

Beached - Ache in Bed
Question Author
I had Ode rather than Doe…so was NEVER gonna get Beached. Thanks for all help.

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Phoenix Push

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