Inquisitor 1714

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tedsgran | 16:27 Sat 28th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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clues may be without a definition or possibly missing wordplay letters....

37a Claim we run wild (9) ??R?N?U??
14d Subsequently is upset, initially nicked by Scottish island copper climbing Scottish upland (7) ?E???V?
12a Church screens - look! - in church there'll be standards about that (9) ???C??S??


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37 lawrencium (thematic entry).
14 ruthenium (ditto).
12 PARCLOSES ['s' not clued].
37a lawrencium ( anagram of claim we run). This is thematic answer with no definition.

12a parcloses. lo (look) in ce (church) all surrounded by pars (standards). The s in answer is not clued by word play.

Haven’t worked out 14d yet.
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Many thanks Prof and Gojira
...and the 2nd answer to 14d gives - curium ('muir' = Scots upland rev. after Cu).

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Inquisitor 1714

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