Listener 4674 - Elusive Figures By Poat

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HawkCrossword | 11:07 Sat 28th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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The joy I had in finally completing this one was immense - thanks Poat, that was a real treat!

The only really picky thing was that some of the removal instructions were less than obvious, but my hunch got me there in the end.


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I thought this was brilliant too. I thought the removal instructions were clever. I think they were deliberately worded to reward the solver with a particularly satisfying PDM.

Excellent, Poat. Thank you.
The only good thing about aging that I have discovered so far, is that I can enjoy the same puzzle more than once. I love this sort of grid fill and didn’t realise until I had finished it that I had in fact tested the puzzle some time ago. I failed on the endgame that time, but the instructions have changed since, so I can at least attempt to convince myself that the old instructions were the reason why I failed:)

Terrific puzzle from a terrific setter.
It took me a long time to fill the grid, and it didn't help that I went wrong somewhere and had to start again. Superb endgame, unambiguous and satisfying. Thank you Poat.
It really is a brilliant piece of construction, with so many constraints being met.
Only thing, I don't think the shading in different colours quite produces the desired effect.
Thanks, Poat.
Really superb. I think the shading is what I expected. Such a lot in there, with tonnes of thematic coherence and some really enjoyable clues to boot. Loved that, albeit the endgame took ages for me to get. Thanks, Poat. Great puzzle.
Perserverer - I guess there are different shades of grey...
An excellent puzzle with bags of twists and turns although I don't think we quite got the bit about the extreme cells.
I had been thinking about this and similar shapes some weeks ago because of the title of an earlier puzzle and was helped by my addiction to Mad Magazine as a young lad.
Can't believe it has taken me till Sunday evening to complete a Listener but it was my birthday yesterday so lost a bit (?) of time there. I hate Poat with a passion after the damned hare but even I must grudgingly concede this was exceptionally good.
I have just been picking through this again as I think it's the first puzzle I’ll want to submit in a few years. It's really superb. Thanks again, Poat. This is what the Listener is all about.
I agree, Olichant. It's up there amongst the very best of the puzzles this year.
Yes - very fair clues (some excellent ones) and a tricky, but not impossible, gridfill.

The final erasing and highlighting was not always as clearly explained as I'd like, but it was a joy to get finished.

Thanks Poat - a stiff challenge, but worth the effort
On the plus side I managed more than I expected given the daunting nature of the preamble (I hate shapes). But despite completing the grid and (I believe) correctly erasing cells I have no idea how to identify the interlocking shapes, defined words, or thematic names. Despite this frustration I enjoyed the challenge. Congrats to everyone who completed it. Hopefully when I see the answer I won't feel that I am best described by one of the entries.

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Listener 4674 - Elusive Figures By Poat

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