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Farrwest | 20:03 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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Pabulum's clues as usual baffle me. Can you give me a start by giving me the answer to 1a
Matlows flying from atelier on fire in hacienda (11, three words). TIA


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Fleet Air Arm (matlows flying) - anag 'atelier' (in) 'farm'
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Thanks Lie-in-King. Where did Hacienda come into this?
You're welcome :-)

Hacienda - ranch, farm
Question Author
Of course!
How about 7 down
Item in bag (5)
I have ??i?g
And am stumped
I think it is thing. The bag comes from an activity you enjoy. You could, for example say, 'golf is my bag' meaning golf is your thing.
Spain's all but quiet month
Elul, month. E, Espana, Spain +Lul(l).
All done finally!
Except i have no idea what to shade?

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Speccie 2521

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