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Daij | 17:41 Wed 18th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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12a The government plans to diminish this migrant cash transaction (to be confined in small, basic building) (5,6,3)
????N , R????? , ??P
24a particularly hard setback caused by raw cannabis (5,4)
C???? , ????
5d Kills off official reports (10)
10a Unreasonably led,, splitting seed - I'll be off (6-3)
????L? - P??
16a To do with The Sun crushing church academic (7)
1d Playing as well as ever, Labour diva ends up quite relaxed (8)

Thanks in advance


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12 Human Rights Act
24 Dispatches
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1 Informal

That'll maybe help with some of the others?
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Thanks very much for your help
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Ah well, first time I've done that in a while. :))
Captain2, it's OK - I'm sure no-one noticed...

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