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michaeljhoward | 19:54 Mon 09th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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12 sheep delay broadcast (10)
I've got 'sleepyhead' but cannot parse.
Egyptian city where God's rejected (4).
I've got 'suez' but cannot parse.

Thanks in advance


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Broadcast is the anagram indicator...sheep delay
Rejected indicates reversed...Zeus
12 is just an anagram (broadcast is the indicator) but theres no definition
anag and refers to 12a

Suez reversed is Zeus
Zeus reversed
how on earth do you guys fathom cryptic crosswords? Very smart!!!
12 was Rip Van Winkle
Thanks. I wrongly assumed 12 was just this clue number. What was the answer to 12a?
There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of "accepted" cryptic indicators, e.g. "rejected" = "backwards".
Thanks for RvW- just seen it
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Thanks - 12 was Rip Van Winkle! That's what threw me. Didn't understand the significance of '12'

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