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TioMateo | 11:05 Tue 03rd Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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Building extensions taken to extend much more than an inch? (4) E???
Suffers with effect of freefall here? (7) G???O??
A magpie, for example, heard devouring small cuckoo (6) A?????

1)Stuck on the parsing of two others:"Save our NHS", say hospital nurses to Chronicle(6) S?O?A? An earlier answer gave SLOGAN, but I don't get it. 2) An eccentric revolutionary, that Spanish primate (7) M?C?Q?E. I get MACAQUE (primate), and QUE (Spanish that), but why is MACA "an eccentric revolutionary"?

Also, why is "Quietly getting shot of horse in one (in some way)? (5,6) PHOTO FINISH?


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Ells; Gravity; Absurd
A cam is a rotating part of a machine
Ells - L-shaped extensions & a measure of 1¼ yards
Absurd - "a bird", magpie eg, heard, devouring 's(mall)'

Slogan - 'san' (hospital, nurses; contains) 'log' (to chronicle)
Macaque - 'a cam' (an eccentric, up) + 'que' (Sp. "that")
Hospital SAN nurses - ie goes round - LOG, to chronicle
Sorry, of course it's GALLOWS !
Sorry, missed the last query, answered on your subsequent thread -

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