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plum7 | 10:16 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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16d In bed, rejected wrong alarm call. ?O???N I think this is TOCSIN because it’s an alarm , not sure about the bed?
21a…….one that is retreating after biting. This would then be S?A? P?? I think this could be the dog breed SHAR PEI (Sharp followed by ie reversed)
12d In Perth, attentive partner picked up broken rake. .A?E?I?E I can’t seem to find anything that fits this! Presumably it has the letters R A K E inside.
Any help would be gratefully received.


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16 yes Bed=cot reversed
Sharp (biting) ie (that is) reversed
12 Wakerife - wife around anag rake - watchful, alert.
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Thank you both for your helpful answers.

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Saga Cryptic Aug 2021.

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