Listener 4668 Impossible Construction By Serpent

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HawkCrossword | 19:52 Fri 16th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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A very clever construction - thanks Serpent!

It required a fair amount of cold-solving to get started, but thankfully the clues were all fair and accessible, so identifying the feature wasn't too much of a head-scratcher, and my initial hunch turned out to be correct.

I didn't need the extra words - there was enough logic elsewhere in the answers and preamble to predict the figure.


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Impossible construction? A fantastic piece of construction, more like. I thought this was brilliant. It seemed impossible at first, right up to the "hang on... could it be... AHA!" moment, after which the home stretch was in sight.

If ever a puzzle justifies carte blanche and the dreaded jumbles, it was this one. Nice too to be able to complete a puzzle with my Internet browser firmly closed. For construction alone, I'd nominate this alongside Android's 4662 as a POTY candidate. Terrific fun, thank you Serpent.
Yes, an excellent grid. Serpent is such a wonderful cluesmith too making the solve so enjoyable. Certainly one of the best so far this year.

Thanks very much.
Excellent construction and excellent clues, some of which were very deceptive. I agree that the extra words were not really necessary. I saw the endgame before I'd decided which exactly were the extra words. One I thought was extra turned out not to be.
A fine puzzle and construction. Not really sure why it should be titled "Impossible" but that doesn't detract in the slightest.

We're being spoilt at the moment with some excellent offerings.

Thanks, Serpent.

Very fine - and a big relief that the jumbles weren't as tricky to sort as I feared
Slightly underwhelmed. Well constructed, and some good clues. But does not really achieve the impossible
A week or so behind - but did this yesterday.

Rather more cold solving than I expected, but the eventually the feature emerged and then it was an amble to the end.

Thanks Serpent - an excellent puzzle.

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Listener 4668 Impossible Construction By Serpent

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