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Bernie | 00:04 Thu 15th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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18a Hear it's no warning of global warming, this prophetic play that plays on memories (3,6,6)??? ??e?a? ????t?
5d. Home is the sailor, home from the sea.... but not yet at liberty?(2,3,4)?n. ??? ????
10a. Ranting madly about nothing is rude and crude(8)???o?a??
Many thanks


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10 Ignorant
5 In the dock
18 The Iceman cometh
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne.
Stuck on a few more!
11a. Named after it's maker, it has the scope for infinite space (6)h?b?l?
4d The Field; what's the story?(4)?l?tIs it plot?
26d Unknown short story writer(4)a?o?.
Is it Anon?
Thanks again
11 Hubble

4 yes

26 yes

Question Author
Thank you both.
Finished at last. Goodnight all!!
you're welcome
good luck

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Rte Guide 29

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