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Crosswordk | 14:36 Sun 11th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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No 28 accross Common instrument 9 letters a?c?a?i?n the 5th letter is the problem i think it's accordian

No 20 down weirdo eccentric 7 letters - I got oddball but that's the 5th letter A in 28 accross

Please help


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What letters do you now have for 20d?
20 Odd body?
Question Author
Sorry the A is from 17 down Descent Lineage 8 letters I have Heritage?? Oddball is correct
Do you mean that No.20 should have an R in it if accordion is correct?
17 Pedigree
Are you now sorted out?
Question Author
Can I start again please
No 28 accross is Common Instrument 9 letters? acco?dian
No 17 down descent lineage 8 letters ?e?i???e

17 Pedigree
Both answered above
28. accordiOn
Question Author
Yes i'm sorted pedigree is right thank you all and sorry for the confusion
Glad it's sorted.
Me too!

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