Iq 1707

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hankir | 14:22 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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Need help.
Clues with misprint in definition:
5. Spasmodic rain affecting jogger’s stocking, perhaps (6)
25. Drab city where additional number could provide modelling agency? (5)

Normal clues:
5. Fish eats smaller fish (8)
8. Increasingly raucous magpie initially squawking for days (7)



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5 Stitch - from Pain.
25 Mecca - Arab city
5 Sardines
8 Hoarser (from Hoarder, magpie, swapping D for S).
Question Author
Thanks Nac.
Others were difficult for me but had thought of Hoarser , not realizing that magpie is considered a hoarder.

Which words in 11, 13, 18 have the misprints?
Thanks, Hankir. I enjoyed this puzzle, it was quite satisfying.

11 - fifth word
13 - third (I think!)
18. fourth.
Question Author
Thanks NAC.
I figured them out while waiting for your help.
Have never heard of the celebrated lady or why she did those things. I have the first and the last elements now.

I have not parsed 13 yet but it can only be third word.
Question Author
I have all of the words to be highlighted except for the last two words of passing thought.
What quadrant?
Thanks again, Hankir. If you've highlighted the rest, symmetry (well, more of a nice pattern really) should show you where to go...
Question Author
Found all of them.
Thanks NAC.
Great, Hankir - I thought I could have perhaps been more helpful! I think most Brits would get the 'celebrated lady' fairly quickly - and could probably rattle through the whole thing/work.
Question Author
No problem, NAC.
So many British themes these days.
Sometimes Google helps, as in this case.
Listener is so hard, I cannot solve even 10 clues.

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Iq 1707

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