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johnpiper | 06:48 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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I would very much welcome a hint re the unclued common link please. Meantime am stumped by

16d broadcasting limit a provocative period ? ( 10 two words)
I have N ????E. ?I??


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I'd never heard of 16 D, but it's in Chambers - Needle Time.

There are some big hints to the theme on other threads, suggesting some detective work (literally!) is needed.
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Thanks. I also have never heard of that but as you say in dictionaries. By other threads do you mean on answerbank or in the puzzle?
I dont get the link between the puzzle name and the unclued lights? Perhaps just being dopey?
Thought 19 across quite a good clue.
Not sure about 25 across which must be ad???
Thanks, Johnpiper. 25 A doesn't begin with an A, it's an I. It's an odd-looking word, but I've come across it before.
By other threads, I just meant previous queries, discussion on AB.

The title of the puzzle is just an allusion to the title of the work with the thematic entries.

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will go away and have a think......
I have EMPTY and PRIORY as two of the unclueds
and maybe S?HOOL and S?COND
Anyway will have a think about some literary works or detective works that link to the title. Thanks very much!
for me a puzzle and a half!

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