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Daij | 18:29 Tue 22nd Jun 2021 | Crosswords
12 Answers
1a Devastation from heroin - millions perish (4)
3a Getting rid of waste seemingly a big problem for Brussels (8)
5d Poem by Jonson and Pound on endless talk (5,3,4)
????i , ?E? , E???
18d Silk from Dundee knew what closes cases (5)
20a Scottish peer tucked into tasty meal (5)
13a Nomadic people living in drag (6)

Thanks in advance


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1a s(m)ack
5 Rabbi ben Ezra
18d kente
20a styme
13a schlep?
Question Author
Schlep doesn't fit with the check letter 'A'. It is correct

that's why i added a question mark :-)
13 Tu are g
What letters do you have for 3a Daij?
3a eccrisis
Question Author
Tuareg is correct - I didn't enter the down clue correctly
Question Author
Thanks everyone for you help

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