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karenseymour | 23:02 Thu 17th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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I think 5 Down on the puzzle has to be 'cedars', but it might be a mistake as if that first letter was 'f', the answer would be 'frantically'.


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Your question would make more sense if you told us
(a) the publication;
(b) the clue for 5d; and
(c) any letters you've already got filled in for each clue.

We're not all mind- readers here!
Chaotically ?
frantically ???
I may have misunderstood, thought OP wanted the first letter to match with Cedars?
Possibly that, Mamya, but also possibly confirmation that 'cedars' is right.

We need more info!
Question Author
Thank you. I thought I already had given publication details. I have the answer I need.
What was your answers Karen in case someone else needs them
My guess is cedars and chaotically

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Madly (11)

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