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manto | 07:55 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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It must just be me that's Mr Thicky from Thickington this week then?

20a Well-aimed dart, very fine to bag five hundred and one: drink? (6,5) double -----
24a Empty room getting statuary displaying monarch (4,6) king ------
25a Orders essentially insane physio (4)s-y-
26a Having gone backward, Spanish car's finally gone forward – fixed! (4-6)
11d '51: Attlee four times suffering rumours (6-6) -i-t-r ------
18d ... crank up Greek character I've seen with intro of drums (7)d---i--
19d Wobbly, pudgy, round – Everyman's diet's beginning – let's go (5-2) b---g --
21d 'How to catch fish?' 'Attack with dogs' (4)----
22d Horse, bolt (4)


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22 stud
20 double vodka

24 Mary Stuart
25 says
26 deep seated
11 tittle tattle
19 giddy up

21 bait
18 d evi ate
Not just you! I had two of those left and had been looking here every day for any answers!

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Everyman 3896

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