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torgy | 14:20 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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10a Cooking range hot as before (5) a?a?n
19a A beast one left to round off square ends (6) H??f??
24a Only two thirds of men count (6) ???e??


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10 again
24 merely
24 me rely
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Thank you both
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Elliemay1 I think heifer also.
Can anyone parse 24a for heifer ?
19 I can't get away from 'Chamfer' meaning to round off square ends but removing the 'c' doesn't leave a beast.
It bugs me when I can't parse them. Where is Danny when you need him?
Was only trying to help - good luck.
Help appreciated Mamyalynne. Is there a beast Hamfer??


Heir (one left) round (o)f (squar)e
** (of)f
Brilliant, thanks again xx
Heifer is correct, heir is one left (inheritance) around last letter of off (f) and square (e)

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