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Hagen | 08:44 Sat 29th May 2021 | Crosswords
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Lovely puzzle. The grid fill was fun and not too taxing; I enjoyed putting my rudimentary knowledge of the six-letter adjective to use. Despite spotting a couple of names quite soon, it took a fair while to see any more, let alone work out how they were connected. The final representations in the grid are a brilliant idea.Thanks, Lionheart.


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A fine composition rather marred by the final grid stare.

Thanks, Lionheart.
I spent hardly any time staring. I managed to see the thematic pairs when I had worked out only half the message from extra letters, and had only a suspicion of the rationale to the word changes, thanks to the very helpful preamble.
About average grid stare for me, but above average parsing time; I really struggled to get the message. I am familiar with this particular use of the adjective though as it is the norm where I live in Catalonia. Good fun, thanks, Lionheart.
Excellent puzzle - at least for clues, gridfill and theme - my knowledge of the thematic adjective was useful in sorting sheep from goats in the clue types.

The highlighting was a royal pain - I found two pairs quickly, one after a few more minutes and then took another half-hour groping around for the fourth. The lack of a single domain for all the pairs was a shame.

Thanks Lionheart - many more pluses than minuses for me.
Good fun, though the grid stare was a tad arbitrary. I'm not sure the adjective really applies in two of the sets
I enjoyed the gridfill, but I thought a couple of the pairs were a tad obscure.

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Listener 4661 One Across By Lionheart

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