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johnT | 15:13 Tue 25th May 2021 | Crosswords
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Pretty sure of adjoining letters - but I've been wring before

4d. NRM way was a mean ordeal (6,4) L?E?A? ??A?
14a. Gawps (6) ?T???E
24a. Local's slow in finishing? (6) L?W???



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14a Stares
Question Author
Dannyk13 - unfortunately for 14a the last letter appears to be E letter count appears to be ?T???E
4 Leeman Road - Railway Museum
4. Leeman Road
So where does the E in 14 come from?
14a goggle?
I think that any synonym of gawps should also end in an 's'.
Agreed Danny.
Question Author
I got the E from 13d.

13d. Tykes tell these tales about molars (5,5) I had HELLS TEETH
but if it's wrong and STARES is correct - the letter-count will be
I agree Danny. I think your answer is right.
24 Lowsin
presume it is an anagram of these tales, so something teeth, I've tried all the possibilities but cannot confirm any of them.
Sometimes a clue can be too obscure , in the end I'm going to randomly scatter the 5 possible letters around the s in position 2 and l in position 4 that I already have. I'm sure this won't help you !
Now seen answered elsewhere as

Assel Teeth
Scroll down to a numbered list.

Number 39
More likely to be ASSLE TEETH - which states Assel - teuth to be a molar or grinder.
No doubt various spellings, have seen 'Assil' on another reference page but of course that doesn't satisfy the anagram.
Yes, Mamyalynne, but I say more likely as both johnT and alidoc have L as the fourth letter.

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