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VivianD | 16:02 Sun 16th May 2021 | Crosswords
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I'm in a bit of a horlicks on my bottom right!
I've got "Coleridge" for 15d mainly because it fits. But I thought "Othello" for 25a. Are either correct?
and I'm totally stuck on 24a smelling what goose produces h-----g
and 2d In France the dessert one threw up being sick l-i-/--


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Full clues are always nice :-)

Coleridge - is correct

25a Dictionary, American, minimal cash invested - a tragedy (7)

Oedipus - '1p' (in) 'OED + US'

24a Honking - double definition
2d Laid up - 'la' (Fr. "the") + 'pud i (one)' (up)
Coleridge is correct - 25 starts with o: think sigmond Freud


Laid up
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Yes, I am so excited if I think I've got the answer that I tend not to quote the clue! Lo siento. Thanks all!
15 d: yes, Coleridge, reading backwards - GE (e.g. say) ERID (dire), COL (loc(h).

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