The Week, 1259

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Mic1234 | 09:08 Wed 12th May 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning,
Either I have got a number of clues wrong or it makes no sense

7d - Me? I’m an eccentric with energy (5) M x I x x
12a - Very large cases catch returning court specialist (5) S x x x O
26a - Trump’s huge following behind one put down (5) x x M x E
28a - Garden intruder was angry about empty warehouse (7) R x x x N x D,
I have looked at RAGWEED, but the N from 16d Anchorman kills this.

All help appreciated.


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Ragweed - w(arehous)e inside raged (was angry). What is the clue for 16d?
16d anchorage
these were answered last time you asked
12a Steno- net(catch) reversed inside os(very large) reversed.
7d Maine (abbreviation Me) = anagram "Im an" + E(nergy)

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The Week, 1259

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