Telegraph Cryptic Connections Puzzle For This Week

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Matakari | 07:53 Tue 11th May 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning,

In a Cryptic Connections puzzle, five cryptic crossword clues must be solved; their answers can be made from the list of letters given underneath. Once all the clues have been solved, some letters will be unused; these can be arranged to give a word or phrase that links the answers to the five clues.

I'm stuck on the following for this week's Telegraph Cryptic Connections
Some help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!

1 Town ahead, changing hands? (7)
2 Spot bird over lake (5)
4 Brawl occasionally seen before student dance (4)


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4 Ball
1. Reading ...leading change the Left to Right
2 clock?
1 Reading/Leading
Question Author
Thanks, all! I'm having trouble eliminating the letters
given. I probably have 3 wrong. A confirmation please:

3 Great drink with leading lady (5) GLASS ?
The Queen (ER) is the 'leading lady'
Question Author
Many thanks, all! How do we parse 2 and the first part
of 3?
The first part of 3 is '(to) drink' = SUP
2 'clock' is a slang word for 'to spot' ('bird' = COCK around L[ake]).
... 'spot' as in, 'to notice'.
Question Author
Many thanks, ProfessorMaisie!

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Telegraph Cryptic Connections Puzzle For This Week

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