Anyone Being Charged For Fre Times Ebooks?

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GetOverIt | 13:00 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Crosswords
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I know lots of you must be Times subscribers to access the online crosswords. Do any of you download the free monthly Amazon ebooks? and if so have any of you started to be charged for them? For the last three months, I have. The first month I contacted The Times and got a refund, the second month I just took the hit, but this month the ebook cost £3.99 so I just returned it. There is now no subscribers corner forum to discuss such a problem amongst subscribers.

I'd be interested if any of you have had the same problem?


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Not had a problem so far - haven’t got this months book yet though.
Google finds two links that look as if they might be relevant (both showing the same information) but, as both of those links are now dead, I can't give them to you here. However here's a screenshot of what comes up in a Google search:

From the text that's visible there, it appears that it is (or, at least it was when those links were active) perfectly normal for Times subscribers to be charged for free eBooks, as it is/was necessary for Amazon's software system to do its job. Then, one must assume, a refund is/was subsequently made later.

So perhaps simply waiting a while is all that you need to do, in order for your payment to be refunded back to you?
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Thanks for your replies. I've used the offer every month for a couple of years, but only now found myself being charged. When I buy the book you can still see the price being discounted to £0.00 but then it appears as a charge in my orders, it never used to - it was automatically discounted. Strange!

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Anyone Being Charged For Fre Times Ebooks?

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