Azed 2551 - Spoonerisms Parsing Help Please For My Last 3

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JJ109 | 11:16 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Crosswords
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Eight across and eight down clues lead in their definitions to
Spoonerisms of the correct answers to be entered. Subsidiary
indications in these clues lead to the correct answers themselves. In
the remaining clues (except 24) the definitions have been distorted
by one Spoonerism per clue. Subsidiary indications in these clues
likewise lead to the correct answers. Competitors should submit
with their solutions a clue of the latter type to the asterisked
definition at 24.
NB Spoonerisms may be either consonantal, e.g. WHITEBAIT/
BITE (or BIGHT) WAIT (or WEIGHT), or vocalic, e.g. BUNTING/BIN
TONGUE, and may be accompanied by changes in punctuation.
Bracketed numbers after clues indicate the length of grid entries

8d Call Indian smart, new in classical garment (5) TON_A
Obviously TONGA
This is N(ew) inside TOGA, but where is the Spoonerism for Call Indian smart.?

26d Settlement to cultivate river entering forest often flooded (5) G _ APO
R(iver) inside GAPO (forest often flooded), but again where and how does the Spoonerism work?

33a 33 Company saturation to heed once, in spin, e.g. when struggling (12)_ TORE _ E _ PING
Obviously STOREKEEPING and I can see many parts of the parsing, but I cannot put it alltogether!

Many thanks


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For GRAPO it's 'pah' (Maori)= settlement + 'grow'. For STOREKEEPING it's 'corps' = company + 'steeping'
11:48 Sun 02nd May 2021
I think Tonga might be Small Indian Cart.
Question Author
Got to go out - will be back shortly - apologies if I don't acknowledge replies immediately!
Question Author
It is - many thanks Jackdaw!
For GRAPO it's 'pah' (Maori)= settlement + 'grow'.
For STOREKEEPING it's 'corps' = company + 'steeping'
33 is an anag of 'spin eg' with TO+REKE (archaic 'heed') inside.
Question Author
Thanks very much Prof! I checked reke, but couldn't find it! ...but I don't have Chambers!
Here's the entry, JJ -

''reke /rek/ (Spenser) vi to reck. [OE recan]''

(I don't know how you manage so well without 'the book'}.

Can anyone throw any light on 32 ac - my answer bears no relation to the clue at all (C.....n) - also parsing of 30 ac. Seldom seen such arcane clues.
Assuming your answer at 32a is a type of wax (the clue is one of the first type mentioned in the preamble, so there'll be no actual definition anywhere in the clue): your solution is a synonym for genuine, but with the first three 'bits' moved to the end; the Spoonerism of the solution is a contemptuous old-fashioned expression for 'my man' + a Japanese coin.
For 30 it's a very polite request to exercise - Tr??? PL????
...for the wordplay it's -
A large celestial body followed by a famous cosmologist (R???).

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Azed 2551 - Spoonerisms Parsing Help Please For My Last 3

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