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chokkie | 11:48 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Crosswords
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Having real problems with this today ...

7d observe notes and take one's medicine (4,3,5) ?a?? the ?????

6d cricket side go off (2,5) o? ????e

16a impermanence convert ultimately found in virtue (9) ??????i?y

26a illogical dear (12) ?????s?n????

Cheers in advance, Chox.


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7 face the music
7d face the music
6d on leave
16a mortality
6d on leave
26a unreasonable
Question Author
Thanks everyone, that's a great help, just a few to do ...

21a bound to keep article short (7) s???ing
24a pen inspiring love with popular invention (is it "coinage"?)
17d calbirate rule about nearly everything (7) t?????n

Cheers, Chox.
c o in age
cage = pen
o = love
in = popular
17d re al ign
Question Author
still stuck on 21a ... bound to keep article short (7) s?a?ing

Is it "sparing" perhaps? Thanks, cheers, Chox.
Yes - spring (bound) around a (article)
Question Author
Thanks so much to everyone, for their help today - all done now, and that's my crossword fix for today. roll on tomorrow! Cheers Chox.

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