Listener No 4657 Dos By Awinger

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NickorWan | 18:11 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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Very nicely done. I do appreciate seeing changes leaving real words in the grid, and we were treated to a lot of them in this grid. I was held up momentarily from not reading the preamble properly, which I seem to be quite good at. Personally, I would have preferred some tougher clues, but I accept that there is a need for some easier puzzles. Thanks very much, Awinger.


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A very good introductory listener.

Thanks Awinger.
I enjoyed that, thanks Awinger!

Although many clues were accessible, there were enough tricky wordplays to keep me guessing until the end.

I don't know if I'd have had the patience to attempt to set such a complex system of replacements, but it all it worked out to an impressive conclusion, even if I can't work out the final outcome!
I really enjoyed this, not least because there was no coding involved :) It was on the easy end of the scale, but still neatly implemented with a satisfying endgame. It's so much better when grid changes result in real words, isn't it?
I thought this was delightful. It didn't take too long but there were some ingenious clues and many of the extra letters were well disguised. With a masterpiece of grid construction and an end game which yielded gradually, this was much more to my taste than the simpler clues and mind-numbingly tedious coding exercise of last week. Thanks Awinger
My brain must have been on a go-slow yesterday (or out of sync with the setter's) as I struggled slowly to do about half the grid - but a night's sleep refreshed the relevant Listener neurons and it all dropped out very quickly today.

A very well implemented puzzle - and lots of credit to Awinger for working it all out to give real words at all stages.

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Listener No 4657 Dos By Awinger

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