The Spectator N0 2502

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Matakari | 19:03 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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Hello there, I am left with 3 Unclueds to complete the puzzle and wish to confirm that
my letters are correct before I continue. Thanks in advance!

24 (A): ?A?RI
40 (A): ?O?NB?R?AR?
15 (D): AR??E


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Matakari, yes those are correct. I hope the earlier posts - with answers - helped you get down to three?!
Question Author
Earlier posts helped immensely, NACW! I'm now left
with 40 (A): ?O?NB?R?AR?
Looks like something"barbary" or "barb"?
Many thanks!
Roan Barbary.

PS I didn't really enjoy just writing in the answers from the list in Brewer's, it's a bit unsatisfying- and I wondered if you ever feel like that, when writing in the answers from AB?
Question Author
Many thanks, NACW, I understand what you mean and what you feel
giving the answers directly from Brewer's. I'm done now!
Thanks, Matakari. I think you misunderstood. I simply wondered if you ever felt you were missing out on the satisfaction of solving! My occasional experiences with Brewer's happen only infrequently, your struggles...
I am still looking for answers for 15D and 24A, AR??E and ?A?RI which are horses found in Brewers (which I don't have). Any help appreciated!
Lamri and Arkle

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The Spectator N0 2502

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