Listener No 4655 Goosey, Goosey By Malva

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NickorWan | 18:51 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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I love jigsaw puzzles so this was perfect for me. Solvers familiar with Malva know what to expect, but, for me at least, it is still always entertaining. I particularly liked the suggestion by the title. I haven’t resolved all the extra words, but I didn’t need them really and I’m left in no doubt about the grid. Thanks very much, Malva.


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Excellent puzzle - I like Malva, one of my favourite setters.

Yes, the theme is not unexpected - but the difficulty of the clues and the jigsaw are both very nicely judged to make an enjoyable challenge.

Thanks Malva
Malva, aka Dipper, has always been a quick solve up to now. I didn't find one this easy at all, though knowing Malva's thematic preferences helped me to guess the theme quite soon. I enjoyed the solve and did eventually match the extra words to the thematic entries, despite a few missteps along the way. I'll admit to using electronic wizardry to find the final member, which I probably wouldn't have got otherwise. Thanks Malva, that was fun.
(Crackin' cockerdog!)
Entertaining puzzle and easier grid fill than we envisaged on first read through.
It is was OK but a tad parsimonious with clues (only 28).
However many times I come across this theme, I still enjoy it, and I discovered some new ones today - thanks Malva!
Very good fun, though I can't for the life of me parse clue number 7.
You might want to be careful there, pushmi-pullyu
Someone helped me with clue 7.
Understand = Dig. I had it beginning with B which was wrong.
Quite steady progress (interrupted by the sunshine) until the gridfill. I just hadn't enough fingers and toes to work out which of the long answers went where. Once I made myself do it, things flowed, and the unambiguous endgame rushed by. One of the thematic entries seemed like an unimaginable terror
Great fun, especially some of the part-definitions. I still have two to figure out. Thanks, Malva.

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Listener No 4655 Goosey, Goosey By Malva

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