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hankir | 18:21 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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I need a hint on what the theme is. is it a British theme?

Grid is complete and I have stared at it but nothing jumps out.


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'Jumping' is a good word, Hankir. It's very British, it's something that took place yesterday (and last April and the one before that and the one before...)
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Thanks NAC.
It seems like showjumping of horses. So far Google has not revealed much.
The course may have names for each obstacle?
Yes, you're on the right track, but not showjumping - just racing. You're correct about names for the obstacles.
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Not finding much.

Will give it a rest for a while.
Annual race in Liverpool. World famous.
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Thanks cashier.
I am not into racing so was unaware.

But I did find four that begin with F, B, C and V. I think the one that begins with C is at right angle.

I looked at the course and could not figure out the color to be used.
In green, hankir.
The 5th also begins with 'C' ('The C????').
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Thanks ProfessorM

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Ev 1482

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