Sat Telegraph Cryptic 29646

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chokkie | 13:14 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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Finding this really difficult today ...

18a runners on this small step (6) s???g?

29a oppose token performance (10) ?o???e????

sour beer found in Eastern Mediterranean (10) ??b???????

27a make first monk that is welcoming sit back (10) ?r???i????

13a Close friend certain East will go for ace (9) c???i?a??

Many thanks, Cheers, Chox.


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18a sledge
29a counteract
29a Counter act
Question Author
Thanks so much folks, appreciate your help. Just a couple more ....

17d stirring part of service (8) ?????o?n

20a p otter's friend mostly solitary and single (8) ???m???e

Cheers, Chox.
tea spoon
well done on your telegraph £50 win last monday chokkie!
Question Author
Had no idea - how could you tell it was me? I must check it out. Please tell me more!
Question Author
just the last few - really stumped this week!

6a annoy leaving parking place (4) ?i?e (is it "rile")

5d number initially applauded on stage (6) a?o?n?

25d hurry, hide (4) ?e?t (?beat)

26a greek character tense and strained (4) t?n?

TIA Chox.
25 Pelt
6 s(p)ite
5 amount
I have to ask: what is the point if you have to ask for 11 answers?
26 Taut, strained. Tau+T.
5 a mount
5 amount
26 taunt
6a site
sorry rogue n in 26
6a site
5d amount
26a taut
25d pelt

Telegraph puzzles home on "win prizes" ( the 3 puzzles that appear each monday)...underneath the puzzles ..list of previous winners...chokkie Apr 5th 649 quick puzzle.
Question Author
Thanks for the reminder that I subscribe to the Telegraph puzzles site - must check out the winners. What a great surprise!
Question Author
Thanks for all your help today folks, that's me all done for today! Appreciate your help - and the pointed to the Telegraph puzzles site - I had no idea! Made my day! Cheers, Chox.

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Sat Telegraph Cryptic 29646

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