Telegraph Cryptic Connections Puzzle For This Week

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Matakari | 19:30 Mon 29th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Good evening!

Cryptic Connections
In a Cryptic Connections puzzle, five cryptic crossword clues must be solved; their answers can be made from the list of letters given underneath. Once all the clues have been solved, some letters will be unused; these can be arranged to give a word or phrase that links the answers to the five clues.

Stuck on the following and help would be appreciated, thanks!

2 Type correspondence without energy (7)
3 Eddy upset about Poirot on a regular basis (6)
4 Journalist in bed with the French is convincing (8)


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4 Cr Ed ib Le
3 VEX around ORT - VORTEX
3 Vortex?
Question Author
Thanks, all! I had the answer for 4 and meant to ask for this one instead:

5 Posh vehicles heading west (5)
smart trams back
Question Author
N0 2?
2 Type correspondence without energy (7)
Matakari, does that mean you solved just one out of the five? Oh well, the answers given should make your final step a little easier!
Question Author
No, NACW, I actually did get 4 and have this one, but am not yet sure if it's correct:
1 Drink left by US casualty (6) PORTER?
Thanks, Matakari.Porter looks fine - it's a drink, Port is left and ER is Emergency Room, US term for Casualty/A and E.
Interesting answers for a common link, Matakari.
My guess is it might be a 6 letter word (I've found the same word in Chambers following 'vortex' - and I wasn't really expecting to!).
Question Author
Many thanks, prof Maisie, NACW, Mamyalynne, bobbinwales, cashier!

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Telegraph Cryptic Connections Puzzle For This Week

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